Power consumption in the Unified Energy System of the Center in charge of 19 entities of the Russian federation rose in January 2017 by 1 % compared to the same month last year

The total volumes of power consumption and production in the Unified Energy System of the Center are composed of the energy system indicators of the following regions: Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimir, Vologda, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, the City of Moscow and the Moscow Region, Oryol, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, Tula and Yaroslavl.



The project of the year – emergency control automatics of the third generation

The project of the Systems Operator “The development and implementation of a centralized emergency control automatic system of the third generation” has been awarded the All-Russian prize “The time for innovations – The project of the year”.



The FGC and the manufacturers of power equipment have discussed the prospects of the development of the branch industry

The FGC of UES (a member of the “Rosseti” group) has held a conference with the leading Russian manufacturers of power transformers and shunt reactors about the operation and improvement of the production’s characteristics. Andrey Murov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the FGC of UES, and the heads of the Russian enterprises have taken part in the conference.   



The FGC of UES has actualized the typical Basis of Design (BoD)

The Federal Grid Company (a member of the “Rosseti” group) has published an amended typical Basis of Design (BoD) for the objects of the investment program. The document has been coordinated with the Systems Operator of UES and approved with an order of the FGC of UES.



The Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology has approved a Program of national standardization for 2017 with an order No. 1634 of 27 October 2016

Within the framework of the basic technical complex the program provides for the development of standards in the field of resource management, application of the best available technologies as well as management systems (including risk and knowledge management), also in the area of conformance estimation and sustainable development of administrative and territorial entities as well as setting requirements for the compliance supervisor of technical documents.