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Engineering services

«Engineering services include prompt and competent consulting in engineering by highly qualified specialists, as well as design, computational and analytical services. This package of services is a passport to success, a guarantee of safety and optimum realization of large-scale and expensive projects in modern high technology areas».

The lines of activity of the TESC group of companies in the sphere of engineering are:

  • the entire cycle of interaction with the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System of Russia, the System Operator of the Unified Energy System of Russia, as well as with the companies incorporated in the Interregional Distribution Grid Holding Company;
  • preliminary design work;
  • preparation of design assignment;
  • obtaining and formatting initial data for designing;
  • feasibility study of design options, consulting in choosing the optimum design option from the point of view of technical realization and commercial effectiveness;
  • obtaining all the necessary approvals of design documentation by the authorities;
  • handover of the completed facility for commissioning.